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How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Whatever you start in life, do you always have that feeling of what if you don’t make it? What if I fail? What will be the consequences? Is the world going to collapse?

Luckily not at all. But the question here is more about how you can overcome this.

How to fight against the dragon


What is a failure?

Failure is the fact, the state of failure, when we do not win or achieve what we wanted; lack of a goal to be achieved, a state to be achieved, or a result; fight, war, game loss.

And what is fear?

Fear is an escape desire. An uncontrollable impulse due to an imagined (or real) external threat, without perceiving the real facts. Withdrawal from the environment; the feeling of “I’m not dangerous” and “I want to run away from here”.

The sources of our fears are our own experiences, generational experiences, social rejection, and the parenting method of our parents. As a child, you may have often heard that if you are not careful, or if you do this and that, such and such bad consequences will result.

With these sentences, they sowed unfounded fears in us – directly or indirectly, that is another question. However, now you can see that they have determined our future – yours, mine and everyone’s. This has led to the anxiety and fear we now experience.

There are also the socially generated fears, the regular nagging that is quite difficult to turn away from – TV, radio, newspapers, news portals and I could list more.

However, it is your responsibility to work on your own fears.There is an awful lot of fear and negative feelings that affect you. It hinders you, it affects you, it harms you.

Maybe you don’t dare to start a business because of fear, you don’t dare to ask for a salary increase, you don’t dare to have a child, even though you want to, etc.

You make a lot of bad moves because fear is there to stop you. And as a result, you will fail. Which again is not a good feeling and strengthens your fears. Is it possible to overcome this at all? Fortunately, yes, there is a solution.

A wise man once said:

“Failure doesn’t exist. There was just too little push through, i.e. you always have to stand up one more time than you fell or failed.”

What actions you can take to overcome your fear of failure

Proposal 1

Be in the present. Failure is in the past, because you fear that you will fail again, as you once did. Let the past go, because it’s already gone, you can’t change it. You can learn from it though.

So stop dwelling on the past. Be in the present, experience every moment of it.

Proposal 2

If you notice that you’re deep in your thoughts or thinking about the past, or you have a problem, go for a walk and focus your attention strictly on your surroundings.

Observe trees, people, animals, cars, houses, roads. It not only gets you out of your thoughts, but also refreshes you.

And the solutions come easily. After all, in order to solve your problem, you have to come out of it and be able to look at it. After the walk, you will come out of your thoughts and thus you will be able to look at your problems, and it is possible that more than one solution will come to your mind.

Another wise man said:

“In order to be able to push the wardrobe, you have to come out of it first.”


Proposal 3

Do the next step. No matter what you do, always take the next step. If you have a strong fear of failure, focus only on the next step and not on the whole journey. Do that, and you’ll slowly progress.

Your progress will be continuous. And sooner or later you will reach your goal, leaving behind you even the possibility of failure. You will be the winner and you will overcome your fear.

Proposal 4

Take care of yourself. Yes, you are the most important person in your life. Just think about it. You spend the most time with yourself and you know yourself best. Well, you deserve the best, right? Absolutely!

Be selfish and really dedicate at least half an hour a day to yourself doing what you want, what you like. Go to the cinema, or watch a good movie, or read your favorite novel, or go to a beautician, hairdresser, masseuse, or talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend, or drink a beer with your friends, or go to the gym.

Whatever you do, just enjoy it. Because this little daily recharge will help you to overcome your fear of failure.

Proposal 5

Take some vitamins. It will increase your vitality and energy. There’s no point in wanting to do things if you don’t have the drive to do them. It would be best if you also do sports alongside it.

You don’t have to think about a big thing if you just go for a walk every day or every other day or twice a week, you have already done a lot in terms of sports. And the vitamins are absorbed better.

Proposal 6

Avoid bad news. I also wrote at the beginning that TV, radio, and newspapers generate fear quite intensively. Unfortunately, the sensation is all negative news. And you may not even notice that they are planting fear, bad mood, withdrawal from life in you.

After all, why is it worth living at all if only bad things happen. Try not to watch news on TV for a month, only movies, don’t listen to the radio, don’t read newspapers, only deal with positive posts on Facebook, scroll through negative ones.

You will get amazing results.

Now you might ask, will you miss out on world events? Really? Do you really need to know everything? Does it really move your life forward if you know where an accident, murder, or disaster happened? Indeed?

Give it some thought. You should rather spend this time with your family or with yourself, with your hobbies, which I described in point four.

If you have any questions, or just want to share your opinion or comments, feel free to do so in the comment section, I would be happy to receive them.

If you found the article useful and it helped you, or if you just liked it, please share it with your friends and acquaintances. Thanks.



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