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Dare To Live Your Dreams

In secret or openly, everyone dreams of a better life. To dare to live your dreams, you have to do it. Unfortunately, most of us don't just get it, it doesn't fly to us in the form of a roast pigeon. 

We must work for it. But they say that work ennobles you. And that the way to the goal is often more enjoyable and constructive than arriving at the goal. But let's see how this is exactly.

Can dreams come true?


What does the dream mean? Dreams are images that appear during sleep, which involuntarily come to our mind. But when we say live your dreams, we don't really mean the dream at night. 

We prefer to use the word imagination. Imagination, on the other hand, means the following. The creative capacity of the mind, which is not necessarily dependent on past or present experiences. 

The ability to create a situation, arrangement or perception, or a combination of these, with which a person creates concepts and ideas of things that do not yet exist in reality, in order to think of them as new things. It is the result of a thinking process that comes from creating new things. 

So, in the very first step, you have to be able to imagine what you want. What is it you want to achieve? It is said that what you can imagine, you can achieve. 

Of course, you need to take the necessary steps to achieve that result, but if you can imagine it, it is definitely doable. This is where everything starts. 

You've got to imagine. And the power of imagination is big. If you have already imagined the thing, you have the dream, then the next step is to put it from your imagination into physical reality.

In other words, draw them or cut out colorful pictures from newspapers and stick them on a board or cardboard. 

Tell your dreams only to those who support you

If you just write it down or tell it to other people, but only to people who appreciate your dream, you have already put it into reality. But be very careful that you really only share your dreams with people who appreciate them and help you with them. 

Because a lot of people don't dare to live their dreams precisely because they didn't tell the right people, but rather to people who talked down or belittled their dreams. Because of this, their own self-confidence was shaken and their dreams seemed foolish. And they were given up. 

Unfortunately, it's very easy to divert someone from their goals and dreams. They just start to figure out your dreams, or say that you are not capable of realizing them anyway, and that is the end of it. 

You have to be very careful who you trust. Because they can easily start you on the slope of giving up. The truth is that imagination has enormous power, and if you really start to realize the steps of your dream, your goal, then you will inevitably achieve them. 

During the trip, what is very important is to constantly keep your attention on your dreams and goals and not let them distract you from them. 

So if you have the idea, the sketch, the next step is to start gathering information about how to implement that thing. 

When you have the minimum information about this specific goal or dream, with which you can start - since you will get more information about the matter along the way - then you break it down into small steps. 

What you actually have to do in order to achieve the desired result. These small steps will bring you joy and a sense of success, and they will also strengthen your endurance. And you can really dare to live your dreams this way.


A practical example

Let's look at a specific example, say you want to take the family on a beach vacation next summer. 

First of all, the idea is born, you imagine that the family is on vacation at the beach. Then, say, you cut out pictures from travel magazines or download them from the Internet and set them as your background image to keep your attention on the destination. 

You tell your partner what you plan to do, that you want to take them on vacation. We hope he/she will be happy with it. 

After that, you start collecting information about which beach is worth going to, and how much it costs, whether you need a visa or possibly vaccinations. 

Then every month you start putting some money aside, say in an envelope at home and hide it, or in a sub-account in the bank account, which you don't touch under any circumstances, because that is the money you set aside for the vacation. 

Then if you need a visa, you start to arrange it. The next step is to buy the plane tickets if you are traveling with them. When you have collected the money, you pay for the trip. 

By now, more or less time has passed, so it's summer and you are going on vacation. All you have to do is pack up and go, and then enjoy your vacation. You have reached your goal. 

One more important factor. As soon as you achieve your goal or dream, set another one immediately. Because that's what drives life forward. 

The secret is to always proceed step by step and then you will succeed. After all, if we want to eat an elephant, we don't eat it all at once, but in small bites. 

You dare to dream big. After all, if you aim at the stars, you will definitely reach the moon. 

If you have any questions, or just want to share your opinion or comments, feel free to do so in the comment section, I would be happy to receive them. 

If you found the article useful and it helped you, or if you just liked it, please share it with your friends and acquaintances. Thanks.



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