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How Do Rich People Think

Rich people are rich and successful because they think differently than the average person. Do you want to be among them? Then you must first change your thinking.

It’s not that hard, it just requires a little attention to not follow the habits. There are many differences in thinking, but here we will take a closer look at only five.

Thinking that leads to wealth


First, let’s clear up the concepts.

What exactly is wealth?

Wealth is a lot of money and property. An amount of money and property that is sufficient for its owner to fulfill his goals without any problems and to be able to satisfy his needs in abundance. A large quantity, an abundance of one thing that can serve as a stable basis for another thing.

And what is success?

Success is a favorable end result; a situation, condition or consequence that meets our previous expectations as the achieved goal of our plan, and we consciously strived for it, our intention was aimed at it.

Mindset shift #1

The average man is waiting for someone to save him. The rich know that nobody is going to save them.

The average person is waiting and hoping that things will turn out for the better. Maybe he’ll get promoted, maybe he’ll start dieting, but he’ll never get there because he doesn’t dare to risk it.

However, the biggest risk is taken by the average person, because they are more passive, more vulnerable, they do not dare to live life, and therefore tragedy catches up with them much sooner.

The rich don’t wait for anyone or anything, they know that what they achieve in life depends on them, so they act quickly and decisively.

Do the same, take control of your destiny. Take initiative, pursue things that interest you. Achieve what you want.

Mindset shift #2

The average person strives for secure employment. The rich strive for outstanding performance.

School and society taught us that you should have a good and stable job and then everything will be fine. Many people do not know that the position of an employee does not protect you from anything, does not give you security, it just lulls you into a false sense of security.

In an employee position, we have no influence on what happens, we have no influence on the way things turn out, or at least very little. If there is a downsizing and we are fired, then we have to go, we can’t do anything. We lose security and livelihood overnight.

The rich look at what they can be the best at, what they can give value to the world, and they do it.

You should also focus on developing your skills and abilities, what you could be better at than others, and then you will always have a job. Give people value and they will want you.

Mindset shift #3

The average person does things for pay that they don’t like. The rich do what they love.

The average person thinks that if they go to work every day, that their effort will bring them passion. The rich do what they do with passion and it fuels their effort.

According to the rich, passion is the real secret of wealth, it brings money. According to them, there is a cause and effect relationship between effort and passion.

The rich say that in life, passion is the main motivation, not money. Motivation comes from within, which is much more powerful than money, which is why rich people are much more persistent in doing things.

Find what motivates you, what your passion is, what you really love, and do it. Figure out how you can make money out of it.

Mindset shift #4

The average person focuses on saving money. The rich focus on how they can increase their income.


The average person worries about running out of money, so their thoughts revolve around uncertainty, scarcity, and monthly living expenses.

The rich are constantly thinking about how they can make significantly more money in a few years. They focus on increasing income and think in abundance.

Do not pay attention to your expenses, not to your little money. Don’t allow yourself to be in need, keep looking for a solution until you can solve your financial situation.

Your mind should be on how you can increase your income. From where and what else could you get money from. If you focus on this, the opportunities will come to you. You will see them because that is what you are concentrating on.

We always get what we pay attention to, we attract into our lives.

Mindset shift #5

The average person does not believe in self-development and self-help books. The rich know that this is most important.

Many people stop learning when they finish school, while successful people improve themselves for life. Regular self-training is what gives you knowledge.

If you want to be a millionaire, learn from people who have done it. They have real-world experience. They are much more lifelike and can be copied. In life, the only thing that matters is whether that thing works or not. Either you get the results or you don’t.

The path to success leads through the knowledge of others.Get started learning something today. Read autobiographies. Join groups where you can learn.

If you want more mindset changes, if you want to think like the rich, then you will find more information in Steve Siebold’s book: How rich people think.

If you have any questions, or just want to share your opinion or comments, feel free to do so in the comment section, I would be happy to receive them.

If you found the article useful and it helped you, or if you just liked it, please share it with your friends and acquaintances. Thanks.



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