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Keeping A Positive Attitude In Life

In today’s world, we are exposed to countless stimuli and impulses. Some are positive and some are negative. Unfortunately, the majority are negative stimuli. We are continuously bombarded with news and advertisements.

No matter where we go, no matter where we look, we cannot avoid this information. They are everywhere in the form of commercials, posters, news, ads. Consciously or unconsciously, they affect us. And in this ocean of information, we must remain positive.

The sunny side of life


That’s easy to say, but how do you actually do it? First, let’s look at what attitude is.

Attitude is a way of being, how a person (or group) acts, feels or thinks about something based on their opinions or feelings. This is a typical way of thinking or acting, which is reflected in the person’s or group’s position and behavior. The underlying opinion or feeling that the person or group believes to be true, legitimate, and believed.

And let’s see what’s positive. The positive is beyond all doubt; clear; definite. Purely of such quality; without any internal, hidden contradictions.

We often hear this, to be positive, think positively, but since they don’t tell you how to do it, many people misinterpret it. They think it is enough to smile at everything.

But this is not the case at all, because a positive attitude covers a kind of self-confidence, awareness, we know what we want, what we want to achieve in life. This is not some kind of rosy grin, pink fog in which everything is beautiful and good.

But how can we form this positive attitude? What are you guessing? What can be done in this matter?

First Tip

First of all, avoid negative news. Don’t hang out on the news all the time, because they only broadcast bad news, that’s their interest.

As soon as you stop browsing news portals and reading newspapers, you’ll feel better.

You don’t get that many negative things every day, you don’t pay attention to them, so you can see the good things more and be more positive.

Second Tip

Focus your attention on things that will move you forward in life. For example, on your goals, your dreams, and work on how to achieve them. Because what you focus on will happen to you.

You must have noticed that if you are constantly afraid that you are going to have an accident with your car, then you are sure to have an accident in a short time.

On the other hand, if you don’t even think that an accident could happen to you, then 10 years will pass and you will realize that you have not had an accident.

So, focus on the constructive and improving things.

Third Tip

Help other people. Not only because it is a basic human urge and a very good feeling, but because this way you get to know other people, get to know their lives, their thinking, and you can get new ideas and perspectives.

Others think differently, have different upbringings, have different religions, and you never know which thought or action will propel you forward in life. Not to mention that more familiarity means more opportunities.

You can provide help in any form. Either as a donation, or through actions, or by writing a blog, or by having a good conversation, a kind gesture, a smile.

Helping others will help you out of your own problems and difficulties. Because on the one hand, your attention will be taken off yourself and you will see the solutions more easily, and on the other hand, you may get the solution from the other person.


Fourth Tip

When you come across problems or obstacles, make the best of them. Many people get stuck in problems and then they can’t get out of it.

Play the game of how many different solutions you can find when a problem or obstacle comes up. And here it doesn’t matter how logical or real that solution is, just look at how many different solutions you have for it, because among them will be the real solution.

For example, you are sitting in a traffic jam and you are in a hurry to get somewhere. It’s an obstacle. It won’t help if you get upset or scold their mom.

But if you start looking for solutions on how to solve this situation, for example, a spaceship would come and save you, or your car could dig a tunnel and you could avoid the traffic jam, or you could shrink your car, put it in your pocket and walk away, etc.

There are many solutions, but as you search for solutions in this way, you realize that while you are sitting in traffic, you can answer your emails, or you can call a client or a long-lost acquaintance. You can spend that time in a much more useful and positive manner.

In addition, this little exercise not only improves your creativity, but also your self-confidence and intelligence. Intelligence is nothing but our solutions to life’s problems. The more problems we can solve, the more intelligent we are.

Fifth Tip

Learn. Because no one can take knowledge away from you. And when you have knowledge, you also have confidence. They cannot fool you, so you will be more assertive and your self-confidence will increase.

And this is the foundation of your positive attitude. It almost doesn’t matter what you study, just study. It even keeps your brain in a workout. But it is best if you study something that you are also interested in or need for your work and that you have a goal with.

Don’t be afraid or shy away from learning because it’s completely different from learning in school. This kind of learning is a pleasure. Because here you can freely choose what you want to learn, you can allocate your time freely and you can study at your own pace. No exams, no stress.

So the positive attitude can be developed. Which makes our life easier, more transparent and happier. In addition, our faith in ourselves will grow. And as they say, if you believe in yourself, then anything is possible.

Since we can also transfer this thinking to the people around us, we can make not only our own lives but also others’ lives more beautiful, since our positive attitude infects others as well.

If we are happy, life will smile back at us. A positive attitude goes hand in hand with happiness, so you will have a happier life.

If you have any questions, or just want to share your opinion or comments, feel free to do so in the comment section, I would be happy to receive them. If you found the article useful and it helped you, or if you just liked it, please share it with your friends and acquaintances. Thanks.



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